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Brian Panish, Esq.  Besides being a fantastic personal injury lawyer and generous human, he looks like the famous Ghostbuster Dan Aykroyd!  (Brian also has a touch of Tommy Lee Jones, maybe that’s the no nonsense Men in Black part!)

Dan_Aykroyd_cropped  Brian Panish

David Ezra, Esq.  An excellent insurance coverage attorney and mediator.  He is also a spitting image (albeit much younger) of  Steve Perry of Journey!  After he wins his cases he sings “who’s crying now”

DaveEzraSteve Perry Journey    For more doppelgängers 

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Mike Alder, Esq. Amazing trial lawyer, mentor and funny guy.  Is he also related to Val Kilmer?

Michael-Alder val-kilmer younger

Judge Michael P. Linfield, great over all judge.  Professional and a wonderful jurist who really strives to help parties and their lawyers resolve matters.  Looks wise, he reminds me of the dad in 7th Heaven Stephen Collins.  Note, I hate to even say he reminds me of the actor due to the actor’s personal life, but as to the character on the show all I’m saying is there is a resemblance.

Michael Linfield JudgeSteve Collins actor

Carney Shegerian, Esq.  He’s a fantastic employment law attorney.  I think  has resembles  Tony Goldwyn, the actor who killed Patrack Swayzee in the movie Ghost and POTUS in the show Scandal.  Which must is a pretty fun gig!

Carney Shegerian Tony Goldwyn

Dana Cole, Esq.  Dana is a straight to the point trial lawyer extraordinaire; he also looks like Pete Carroll coach of the Seattle Seahawks.  I’d let Dana coach my legal team any day!

Dana Cole



Gloria Allred, Esq. looks a lot like Nancy Pelosi, former speaker of the House of Representatives.

gloria-allred Nancy-Pelosi

Steven Weinberg, Esq. Copyright and entertainment litigator extraordinaire, glamour photographer, and one hell of a guy.   But did you know that he is one kick ass guitarist?  Just like his hair, he’s been rock’in out professionally since the 80’s.   I think he is related to Brian May of Queen.

Steve Weinberg 2010 guitar BrianMay_011

Alan Gutman, Esq.  Alan is an entertainment litigator you do not want to oppose.  He is a true wordsmith, laser focused, and tenacious.  He also reminds me of Telly  Savalas.  Alan not only looks like the lollipop licking street tough NY cop Kojack, but if you don’t play fair, he just may deliver the beat down of your life while asking “who loves ya baby”!

Alan Gutman Telly Savalas

Andrew Marton, Esq.  Andrew is a phenomenal insurance coverage and defense attorney.  Honest and practical.  He is also a “car guy” who loves his Dino Ferrari.  But doesn’t Andrew resemble Stanford Blatch from Sex and the City?

Andrew-Marton willie-garson

J. Scott Bovitz, Esq.  He’s a true renaissance man.  A brilliant bankruptcy lawyer and scholar of the United States Constitution Article 1, Section 8, Clause 4, and every nuance of Title 11 of the U.S. Code (the Bankruptcy Code).  He is also a musician, photographer, Ham Radio operator, and just a great guy.  He is also very practical with a great sense of how business works and disputes can be resolved.  He also plays guitar and everything else.  A one man band, just like ….. Moby!  And he looks just like him.  Or does Moby look like Scott?

  Bovitz-face-rose Moby

Judge Michael C. Solner, Ret. was a lot of  fun in the court room and a great jurist.  Maybe that is because he bears an uncanny resemblance to Johnny Carson!

solner Johnny Carson retired

David S. Lippman, Esq. is an intelligent attorney and a fairly liberal guy.  But don’t tell him he is also the spitting image of  Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House of Representatives!

David Lippman Paul Ryan

Judge Richard A. Stone, Ret. I think my associate has a crush on Judge Stone.  She thinks he has the same eyes and smile as Bradley Cooper.  Yeah, Judge Stone is cute, but I still think he is more like Harry Houdini.  Stone does have a magical ability to settle cases.  He is a fantastic neutral and works at Signature Resolution.

Richard Stone Judge      Magician-Harry-Houdini  

David Hoffman, Esq. Dave is the most tenacious, yet thoughtful, lawyer I have ever met.  I can see a bit of  Robert Di Nero ( the Raging Bull) and the young Vito Corleone in Dave.  Dave is also very funny, maybe that is why Jay Leno also crosses my mind when I think of him!  Dave is one kick ass PI lawyer who I’d want on my side in court.

David HoffmanRobert De NiroJay Leno

Tom Girardi, Esq.  Tom is an amazing lawyer, and one of the most polite men I have ever met.  Then again, I have never directly opposed him!.  Even then, I’ve heard nothing but respect for Tom from defense counsel and I think one of Tom’s secrets to obtaining fantastic settlements is to be civil, while driving  the facts like a stake through the defendant’s heart!  Perhaps another reason people like Tom Girardi so much is because of a dazzling smile and baby blue yes and he resembles Mickey Rooney!

tom-girardi 2013  mickey-rooney head shot

Dale K. Galipo, Esq.  Mr. Galipo is a well known civil rights attorney and an uncanny ability to make police pay when they wrongfully injure his clients.  He spends a lot of time on TV and looks like he stepped out of a mafia movie.  However, I think he looks a lot like Dr. Paul Nassif from Botched.  I guess that is fitting, when someone ruins your life due to botched police work or causes a personal injury, Mr. Galipo will fix it!

Dale Galipo from ad  dr-paul-nassif

 Lucie Barron of ADR Services and Bonnie Tyler the great 1980’s singer of Total Eclipse of the Heart, Holding out for a Hero, etc.  Lucie is a wonderful woman and essentially invented (or made accessible) informal dispute resolution using professionally trained attorney mediators and retired judges.   Lucie is Australian and Bonnie Welsh, so both are  from the fun parts of the UK where they don’t speak english!

Lucie Barron Bonnie Tyler

Barry Drucker, Esq. is an amazing personal injury attorney and looks like Matt LeBlanc., or  a younger Dustin Hoffman (the Runaway Jury attorney!).   Truth be told, I’ve known Barry since we were in First Grade, so we really are Friends!   Give Barry a call if you need a great plaintiff’s personal injury lawyer.

barry-drucker  matt-leblanc

Joe Farzam, Esq. is a personal injury lawyer that will never step away from a fight on behalf of his clients.  I wonder if he does well at trial because he looks a lot like George Clooney!


Navid Natanian, Esq.  is the sweetest bad ass personal injury lawyer I know.  Really, he’s a kitten with tiger claws just like his doppelganger Vin Diesel.


 Joel Seidel, Esq. is a practical, compassionate, smart and State Bar Certified Family Law attorney who happens to resemble Lieutenant Dan, Forrest Gump’s best friend!


Judge Allan J. Goodman, Ret. is a dead ringer for James Taylor!  By the way, he is now at ADRS as a neutral.  He is one of the most knowledgeable bench officers I ever tried cases before.  He absolutely should be on the Court of Appeal (and has sat there on assignment).  The only problem is he always scared me so I’m curious how he is as a neutral.  My feeling is he will be no nonsense and to the point which is exactly how I like a mediator to be.  Maybe he will be the “handy man” to settle my cases!


Walter A. Taylor, Esq. San Diego

Walt Taylor can sail through any sale or storm involving involving real estate litigation!  But did you know his doppelganger can fly planes!   When I watch the Smithsonian Show Air Disasters and Captain John come son all I think about is this Walt?  His brother?