deedThis law creates the revocable transfer on death (TOD) deed which allows a homeowner to transfer to a named beneficiary 1- 4 residential real property upon the owner’s death without a probate proceeding. This is similar to a joint tenancy deed, but easier for the survivor.  The benefit is title DOES NOT PASS during life, only after death.  This makes the document a hybrid will deed so you can give it away, but take it back before you die!  Note, there are lots of rules to follow to make and cancel a Transfer on Death Deed. 
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terminate-tenant-lease-end-contractIf a tenant or member of the household was a victim of an act of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, elder abuse or human trafficking,  the tenant can terminate the tenancy with 14 days written notice to the landlord.
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Got-Mold-Removal-MiamiA landlord is not obligated to repair mold problems until:   1) until he or she has notice of it or 2) if the tenant fails to keep the property clean and sanitary and thereby substantially contributes to the existence of the mold.  Also, for a building, or portion thereof, to be declared substandard by virtue of mold, it must be visible mold growth, as determined by a health officer or a code enforcement officer, which endangers the health of the occupants. If the presence of mold is minor and found on surfaces that can accumulate moisture as part of their proper and intended use would not constitute a substandard condition.
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equal pay equal workLabor Code §1197.5. bars employers from paying employees less than other employees of the opposite sex for substantially similar work regardless of their job titles or the location where they work.  Current law prohibits an employer from paying an employee less than employees of the opposite sex in the same establishment for equal work on jobs which require equal skill, effort, and responsibility, and which are performed under similar working conditions. This law prohibits an employer from paying its employees less than employees of the opposite sex for substantially similar work, when viewed as a composite of skill, effort, and responsibility.
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evil_lawyer_poster loopholeCommercial property owners must be careful of the ADA/Unruh Act access claims filed by mills seeking $5,000 to $10,000 because your slope, or sign is missing, or faded regarding parking spots.  The new laws require an attorney sending a demand letter or serving a complaint alleging a construction-related accessibility claim to provide additional information along with a new judicial council answer form.
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