Bad tenantIf a tenant breaks back into, and moves into the property after being evicted, the following laws may be enforced against the tenant by the local police department or Sheriff’s (keep their card after the lockout). However, the specific penalties are a possible misdemeanor or contempt of court. In all likelihood no prosecution will occur, but the police/sheriff will remove them again and give a stern warning.  The problem here is that the specific Penal Code statutes state “returns to settle, reside…” or “returns”.  That seems to mean moving back in, not just to return to get is things out.  But there is still vandalism, trespass  and other possible violations to charge the former tenant.  Some applicable statutes are here …
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discoveryCCP §1170.8 states that motions to compel may be filed with only 5 day (plus service) notice.  Also oppositions and replies may be made verbally at the time of the hearing.

Rule 3.1347. Discovery motions in summary proceeding involving possession of real property

  • (a) Notice  In an unlawful detainer action or other action brought under