LA and Adjacent Communities Lis if in rent controlWhile most rental properties in California are NOT under rent control, many cities have rent control ordinances that state two or more dwelling units, including condos, on a lot if built before a certain date are under rent control.  For example, Los Angeles’s cut off date for rent control is October 1, 1978, Santa Monica is April 10, 1979, West Hollywood is July 1, 1979 (houses are included if the same tenant has there since January 1, 1996).  Check here if in Los Angeles

Condos if in a rent control jurisdiction have limited “controls”.  Meaning, no “price controls” as to the rental  amount, but “eviction controls” still apply.  (CC §1954.50, et seq.)  Yes,  you can remove the tenant for cause, e.g. non payment of rent, unauthorized pet or occupant no problem, just start the eviction.  Yes, you can serve a 30 day notice if the rent increase is less than 10% or a 60 day notice if more than 10% .  (See Civil Code §827)  (Be careful, the 10% is a cumulative number and if you mailed the notice to change terms of tenancy  you need to add 5 days for mailing so the notice is effective 35/65 days after mailing.)

Note: the issues differ when the tenancy is terminated for no cause, e.g. a 30/60 day notice per CC §1946.1).