laciv221 In order to “constructively” serve a person by publication, or by serving the Secretary of State, you need to show due diligence to track down and to serve the defendant by “normal” means.    E.g. personal or substitute service.  The United States Postal Service provides this form and information to obtain a persons or businesses’ forwarding address if the USPS was provided with a forwarding address.  See  U.S. Postal Service FAQ on obtaining a forwarding address.  The same form is also available to fill out online then to print a copy here: Click here for an online form fillable version you can print of the Exhibit 5-2b form

Here is a nice checklist for obtaining your due diligence wanted by the Los Angeles Superior Court for an order to serve a defendant by publication.  Click here: LASC Checklist for Service by Publication – LACIV221