foreclosure_evictionA buyer purchasing after a foreclosure sale, can serve a notice to quit to a tenant/former owner before recording the deed, e.g. before title is “perfected”.  Citing Code of Civil Procedure § 1161a and U.S. Financial, L.P. v. McLitus (2016) 6 Cal.App.5th Supp. 1, the Court of Appeal affirmed, stating: “Here we reject the occupant’s

no DogsMost landlords will have a tenant requesting a “service” or “companion” animal and show a vague note from a doctor supporting this request.  This is an area where the unwary landlord can be bitten pretty hard, but here is an idea which may work, even if it may be almost impossible to get the DA or Police to file an action.  Cite Penal Code §365.7 to the tenant and say if he is misrepresenting that his dog is a Licensed or qualified service animal, then you will bring an action against him citing this statute.
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Don't pick fight with landlordIt’s been a while, but today I heard of a renegade landlord doing self help, so here is my warning to landlords who are fed up with their tenant.  Stop, call a lawyer or the police before taking the laws into your own hands or risk liability and a large lawsuit.  (See Code of Civil Procedure §789.3)  More below…
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marijuana_legal_gavel_620x350Medical and probably soon recreational marijuana is going to be a hot box for landlords and tenants.  Medical marijuana is also NOT a basis nor does it create “civil rights” for residential tenants to smoke in their apartments!!  Health and Safety Code §11362.5 (Compassionate Use Act of 1996 “CUA”) allows medical marijuana to be purchased, possessed and used. There are many levels and issues, but here is a sampler.  This is one confusing, vague, and evolving area of law and how it impacts employers and landlords.  Make sure to check current law both state, national and local (city), as all laws apply.
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terminate-tenant-lease-end-contractIf a tenant or member of the household was a victim of an act of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, elder abuse or human trafficking,  the tenant can terminate the tenancy with 14 days written notice to the landlord.
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Got-Mold-Removal-MiamiA landlord is not obligated to repair mold problems until:   1) until he or she has notice of it or 2) if the tenant fails to keep the property clean and sanitary and thereby substantially contributes to the existence of the mold.  Also, for a building, or portion thereof, to be declared substandard by virtue of mold, it must be visible mold growth, as determined by a health officer or a code enforcement officer, which endangers the health of the occupants. If the presence of mold is minor and found on surfaces that can accumulate moisture as part of their proper and intended use would not constitute a substandard condition.
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criminal shooting anotherThis is crazy.

The HUD secretary Julián Castro, is expected to announce guidance interpreting of how the fair housing law applies to policies that exclude people with criminal records. The rules will say that landlords must distinguish between arrests and convictions and cannot use an arrest to ban applicants. In the case of applicants with convictions, property owners must prove that the exclusion is justified and consider factors like the nature and severity of the crime in assessing prospective tenants before excluding someone.
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Property_Management_DummiesIn Von Nothdurft v. Steck, (2014) 227 Cal.App.4th 524, the manager challenged the written management agreement with the landlord as being “unconscionable” or “an adhesion contract” so void.  The Court of Appeal said the agreement was fine and confirmed it was freely entered into.  The Court told the manager/tenant she could not have it both ways. Further, managers cannot claim to be “on call”, they are only paid for the time actually working, even if the manager is waiting for a tenant or worker to come to the property.  
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